Congress of French Teachers

Congress of French Teachers

On the 24th and 25th of March 2017 the interesting and informative biennial Congress of French Teachers will take place in the Netherlands. As the theme of this year le français ça marche shows, the congress is a good promotion of the French language. There will be a lot of workshops with leaders from a large number of francophone countries. A lot of ambassadors will be present as well as no one other than the author Philippe Claudel and l’incroyable talent Thomas Boisset.

Before we moved to France, we were closely involved in the organization of the congress. A modest contribution at a distance in 2015 gave La Maison Chabbert nice publicity this year:

Festival Package Holiday 1st – 14th July 2017

the choice is up to you : rock or piano.

To combine with our Festival Package Holiday.

Always been a fan of Jacques Dutronc, Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell? Take your chance in 2017 to watch these rockers, LES VIEILLES CANAILLES, perform together at the FESTIVAL OF CARCASSONNE on the 5th July. Nice occasion also to visit the impressive fortified City.

Together with the concert of Les Vieilles Canailles, there will be concerts of a completely different genre in Lagrasse: FESTIVAL EN BLANC ET NOIR. A unique festival of piano concerts from 6th – 11th July 2017. Lagrasse, classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France, is worth a visit anyway.

From Beaufort scenic roads will bring you to Carcassonne or Lagrasse within three-quarters of an hour. Inspired by the announcements of these concerts we would like to offer you a Festival Package Holiday of € 105,00 per person including:

  • welcome drink
  • 3 nights
  • 3 breakfasts
  • 1 three course dinner including aperitif

The price is based on a double room and valid for the period 1st – 14th July 2017.

Are you not much of a festival visitor, take advantage of the package holiday anyway to visit the number of nice places that the Minervois has to offer you.

Winter trip offer

Winter trip offer

The blog post about the Gorges d’Héric mentions that the weather is often very nice in December. We have lived now for four years in Beaufort and we experienced a lot of sun-filled days in winter. Hiking with temperatures around 15° or eating lunch outside on the quay of the Canal de la Robine in Narbonne, we have had the pleasure more than once. So why not travel to the south and take advantage of a favourable offer of € 105,00 per person including:

  • welcome drink
  • 3 nights
  • 3 breakfasts
  • 1 three course dinner including aperitif
    Price based on a double room and valid until the 17th April 2017.

Things to do in the area?

  • hiking in the direct surroundings or a bit further into the hinterland or along the coast,
  • visit a city like Narbonne, Béziers or Carcassonne,
  • visit one of the abbeys like Fontfroide or Sainte-Marie de Lagrasse,
  • follow the route of the castles in the Cathar country
  • and once at home sit by the fireplace and relax, read, play a game or watch a film.

You will find more information on the page surroundings and of course on the spot, so who knows: à bientôt!

Père Noël in Beaufort

Traditional arrival of Santa Claus

Père Noël on his way to the mairie for a nice afternoon with the young and older Beaufortais.

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Gorges d’Héric

December 6, cloudless sky, 15°…

A perfect day to discover the Gorges d’Héric, a place we were planning to visit since long.
The drive by car through the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Languedoc to Mons-la-Trivalle, is beautiful. Close from here our walk will start, but first a good cup of coffee on the terrace of Auberge du Caroux.
We park the car in Le Verdier at the base of the gorges and start the beautiful aller-retour walk of 10 km, with 5 km of climbing and 315 meters difference in altitude.
In this late autumn it was very quiet, but that will be different in the holiday season. We spotted a lot of nice places to picnic and to paddle. In short, a sight-seeing trip which is definitely  well worth the effort from La Maison Chabbert!

Fête de la Soupe

Fête de la Soupe in Olonzac

In November the cultural association La Grande Ourse organizes the Fête de la Soupe in Olonzac. Anyone who wants to, brings a pot of homemade soup. This year at least 17 soups were brought to taste in a nice ambience. You might recognize the soupe au fenouil made by Dick, which is pretty often on our table d’hôtes menu.


Since October 2016 we live in Occitania!

This is the new official name of the regions Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, who have been merged. So Occitania, with the subtitle Pyrénées Méditerranée and the capital is Toulouse. As inhabitants we are Occitanians.

A very long time ago the largest part of the south of France was also called Occitania. The language was Occitanian, also named langue d’oc (the language of oc), because in the south they said oc for yes (and in the north oïl). So from Occitania to Languedoc and back again to Occitania.

The new division of the regions: