Fête de la Soupe

Fête de la Soupe in Olonzac

In November the cultural association La Grande Ourse organizes the Fête de la Soupe in Olonzac. Anyone who wants to, brings a pot of homemade soup. This year at least 17 soups were brought to taste in a nice ambience. You might recognize the soupe au fenouil made by Dick, which is pretty often on our table d’hôtes menu.


Since October 2016 we live in Occitania!

This is the new official name of the regions Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, who have been merged. So Occitania, with the subtitle Pyrénées Méditerranée and the capital is Toulouse. As inhabitants we are Occitanians.

A very long time ago the largest part of the south of France was also called Occitania. The language was Occitanian, also named langue d’oc (the language of oc), because in the south they said oc for yes (and in the north oïl). So from Occitania to Languedoc and back again to Occitania.

The new division of the regions: